Maciej Parzydło

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Each generation coming of age looks for a contemporary foothold for the gradually evolving identity. For my generation – detached from sociological cohort of generation Y –Atari, Rubik cube or Pet Shop Boys are anachronistic values of time. Today’s free Internet space, for years a carrier of anarchist and counterculture values, for us – “Children of the Web” – is the area of everyday life activity. Global and flexible virtual realis, penetrating into our reality with an RGB glow, was filled with noble omni-creativity, developing a self-updating definition of today’s culture that we are keen to participate in. Technological developments left a strong mark also in the field of art, the symbolic form of which has become the phenomenon of virtual art galleries – defined as post-galleries – the subject of my research. In my dissertation I address both issues of the origin of network platforms, dating back the era of Avant-garde orMuséeimaginaire, as well as the current status of Institutions in the network era, to conclude with questions about architecture of presentation or manner of distribution of re-formulated works of art in the Internet world.


(born 1993)

Studies at the Faculty of Visual Culture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (first-cycle studies 2012-2015). Internship under the Erasmus programme held in 2014 in Cluj (Romania) in the SABOT gallery, with which he collaborates. His research interests include art theory and critique, with particular focus on relationships between virtual and real environment.