Anna Skoczylas

author biographical note degree piece

Selecting the field of study, I went after my feeling and ideas. I never thought about profits or prospects. Before my eyes I had an unexplored secret of powerful, perfect sculptures by Bernini, with as if living figures coming forth from the enclosed space, to gift the spectators with their grace and reality. Wonderful identity of marble columns, turned into hot humanity. My sculpture is a permanent portrait of my face in the stone, which seems to melt with glee due to proximity of an attribute of ancient masters. Study of a face devoid of obvious emotion is unusual. Lack of facial expression in figurative sculpture can be a blank card for the recipient, an ability to complete the story.

(born 1990)

First and second cycle studies at the Faculty of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in the years 2010-2015. Rector’s Award for the degree piece. Annex titled Portraits (oil on canvas) prepared under professor Zofia Glazer-RudziƄska. Fields of artistic activity: sculpture, painting.