The seventh edition of the exhibition Coming Out Best Degree Pieces Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw is again held in the Plac Małachowskiego Tenement House. A year ago, we were very impressed with the exhibition that emphasized the strengths of the various degree pieces and came to be very well “inscribed” in the interiors – both industrial and historical.

This year’s edition of the exhibition is a major challenge not only for the designers of the exhibition, graduates of the Faculty of Interior Design. It is a challenge for graphic designers producing the catalogue, visual identification of the exhibition and its promotional campaign.

It is also a challenge for us, educators, members of the faculty councils, recommending their best degree pieces for exhibition. The number of entries is limited and there are many distinctive and very good degree pieces at the Academy.

Having talked with the participants of previous editions, I am convinced about the importance of participating in the Coming Out. I am very pleased that the students in their final year keep inquiring about the exhibition, which may indicate that they are preparing for the competition.

This time round the invited members of the judging panel, which will award the Grand Prix of Coming Out 2015, are artists who graduated from the Academy secveral to between ten and twenty years ago and who have been active in the space of art.

Aleksandra Czerniawska (graduate of the Faculty of Painting, 2008) winner of the Samsung Art Master Competition in 2009, successfully combining her personal statement in painting with a universal message.

Michał Frydrych (graduate of the Faculty of Painting, 2007) creates spaces of narrative painting, also in the public space.

Aneta Grzeszykowska (graduate of the Faculty of Graphic Arts, 1999) nominated for Polityka Passport prize in 2006 and 2013. Her art practice includes photographs and photographic objects.

Katarzyna Nestorowicz (graduate of the Faculty of Graphic Arts, 2005), together with Marcin Nowicki, as Noviki Graphic Studio, is the author of a number of graphic designs, describing the phenomena of contemporary culture by means of visual language.

Karol Radziszewski (graduate of the Faculty of Painting, 2004) winner of the Samsung Art Master Prize in 2006 and the Polityka Passport in 2010; painter, filmmaker, installation artist and photographer; curator, editor and publisher.

They are outstanding artists of the generation of thirty-year-olds. They have exhibited their work or worked for the most important cultural institutions in Poland as well as having had significant experience of the international art scene. What do they have in common? Openness, dynamism and a very broad undrstanding of creative space. All of them seek support for their work in psychology, philosophy and ethics.

I wonder how they are going to assess the exhibited pieces, and who will be the winner of the Grand Prix.

I warmly congratulate the Participants of the exhibition and, as always, wish all the 2015 Graduates good luck.


Professor Paweł Nowak

Deputy Rector for Art and Research, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

Exhibition Curator


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