Joanna Jurga

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My project responds to a growing need for burial not related to any known interment ceremony while in compliance with the Polish law. More and more people carry out a nomadic lifestyle, without attachments to particular places and land, which makes the traditional forms of the ultimate farewell archaic. The project has also addressed the issue of the environment, as it does not contribute to further exploitation of existing necropolises, furthermore, it enables a proper burial funded from the funeral allowance. For the purpose of the project, I developed a new technology and material to produce the urn. The process is simple and environmentally friendly, it allows collaboration with local craftsmen or socially excluded individuals. The project involves the utmost respect for human ashes, as well as references to local traditions and beliefs, and does not violate ethics or social norms.

(born 1988)

Studies: Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology (Interior Design, 2008-2012), Faculty of Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2013-2015). Works in involved design and visual arts. First prize in the competitionExclude exclusion, ŻIH, Warsaw. Finalist of competitions Narcissism at the Festival WrocLove Design (2014), make me!, Łódź Design Festival (2014 and 2015) and  Young Design, IWP, Warsaw (2015). Collaborates with Mito Gallery in Warsaw; exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery, London (2015). Co-founder of a design studio Mortis Design, together with Martyna Ochojska.