Aleksandra Szewc

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Classroom under the open sky is an attempt to address the issue of insufficient conditions for conducting classes in the open. It is also a recognition of the need for changes in the educational system, which is blamed for killing creativity in children. My proposal consists in three types of classrooms, three versions of seats -to carry out workshop activities, performances and classes in a sitting position, separated by a panel. The design allows to conduct a class outdoors, where cooperation and interaction between the students can take on a new form.

(born 1991)

Studies: first-cycle at the Faculty of Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2011-2015), second-cycle at the Ecolecantonale d’art de Lausanne (from 2015). Scholarship of the Rector of the Academy in Warsaw for outstanding artistic achievement (2013/14). Works in product design – in particular furniture, search for new materials and socially involved design. Best Pitch Award, Startup Weekend,Zurich (2013). Honourable mentions in international competitionGlassberries Design Awards (2014). Awarded finalist of competitions make me!, Łódź Design FestivalandYoung Design, IWP, Warsaw (2015).