Dominika Kobylińska

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I decided to develop a set design for SzczepanTwardoch’sMorfina, which was a challenge due to the historical period depicted in the book. My idea was to reconstruct the reality of September and October of 1939. The second reason for which I decided to take up this topic is interesting and original perspective on Polish identity and moral attitudes in the face of war. Morfinais neither an action-adventure, nor an espionage novel. But it puts important questions regarding the essence of humanity.

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(born 1991)

First-cycle studies at the Faculty of Media Art and Stage Design (2010-2013), second-cycle studies at the Faculty of Stage Design (2013-2015) of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Works in costume design, develops set design for documentary dramas, music videos, commercials and short films. Currently works on set design for a full-length feature film The Day of Chocolate. Jerzy Moskal Set Design Award for the best master-degree project in the field of film, Festival of New Stage Design, Katowice (2015).