Krzysztof Renes

author biographical note degree piece

In my degree piece I have explored not only purely sculptural issues, such as form, synthesis and spatiality, but also anthropological research going back to the origins of culture, that is, the first representations of human, god or scripture, as well as a symbolic and material contemporary culture, with special consideration for technological aspect which was important for Universali.

(born 1984)

Studied at the Faculty of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2010-2015) and sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University (2004-2009) and the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto (2007-2008). Author of a statuettle – prize of the 2013 European Forum of New Ideas for Lech Wałęsa and a relief of Krzysztof Klenczon at the amphitheatre in Pułtusk (2015). Honorable mention in the 2012 International Sports and Art Contest for the sculpture Cyclist (2012). The originator and organiser of an academic project The Boundaries of Sculpture (2012) and co-organiser of the project Perseidalia (2013).