Diana Grabowska

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From the head


I have focused on the theme of head as a representation of man and the most intimate part of the body, a relationship between visibility and existence, and the eternal problem of using an image to mimic a man. This image-reproduction becomes a mask each time, when we draw up an image of human. I used underwear to mask the head to bring associations with intimacy and nudity, and although in the piece it has physical form, my intention was to create a symbolic link, an object from the outside, used for description of the inside. The process of undressing, which ultimately turns out to be a peculiar form of striptease, points to the self-referential nature of the work and expresses an utopian attempt to reduce the face to a single image.

(born 1989)

Studied at the Faculty of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in the years 2009-2015. Scholarships:semi-annual art scholarship from the city of Warsaw (2012);Minister of Science and Higher Education for outstanding achievement (2013); Rector of the Academy in Warsaw for best students for artistic achievements (2014). Fields of artistic activity: sculpture, drawing, video. Cooperation with the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw on a solo project (2012) and workshops (2014). The Minister of Culture and National Heritage award for the best students (2015).