Anita Kucharczyk

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The series of paintings “Silence”depicts interiors of abandoned sites. There is a unique, magical atmosphere to these spaces – they seem to belong to some other reality. The light falls through every window, filling the canvas. Warm tone of zinc white is representing my silence, the sound of which is full of possibilities, like nothingness promising a new beginning. The amount of glazes and layers of paint turns into a well-established quality, and opacity obtained thanks to egg tempera underpaining and subsequent layers applied in wax techniques, retains deep vibrating voice of the colour. The series is complemented by an annex developed in professor Jacek Dyrzyński’s Studio of Visual Actions and Structures, titledAb ovo(Latin: from the egg), the phrase meaning from the very beginning–the silence is broken by appearance of a symbol of life.

(born 1990)

Studies at the Faculty of Painting (2010-2015) and the Faculty of Media Art (second cycle, from 2014) of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Rector’s scholarship for the best students of the Academy in the years 2011/12 and 2012/13. Works in painting, drawing, animation, photography, spatial installations. Solo exhibitions: Painting, MGOK, Biała Rawska, 2011; Other Look, MDK Żyrardów, 2012; Drawing , Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, 2014; Menagerie , MOK, Mszczonów, 2014; Usual(Un)usual, MDK, Żyrardów, 2014; Silence, Galeria Działań, Warsaw, 2015.