Joanna Krakowian

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Multipart in the process. The issues of recognition, extraction, protection and conservation of Tadeusz Kantor’s “Multipart” on the example of an object owned the ZuzannaiSpółka group


ZuzannaiSpółka’s “Multipart” in fact was involved in occurences that usually do not happen to paintings nor their conservators. The painting buried in ground for 45 years is a great emballage, with “packaging” in the form of soil, decomposition process and the mental mechanism of forgetting. Tadeusz Kantor’s words do not defy such an observation – the equivalence of “fading” and “concealing”, so obvious in the context of archeology. So the project of excavation and conservation of the pieceZuzanna and others was not semantically indifferent towards the artist’s thought legacy, nor it took it secondarily. In the context of science, as it was necessary to efficiently connect discourses and idioms of several areas, unveiling of the painting’s remains, with its substance changed to such a great extent, it was a kind of experimental research, adventure and a true intellectual challenge.

(born 1990)

Studies at the Institute of Archaeology of the University of Warsaw (first cycle, 2011-2014) and the Faculty of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2009-2015). Participated in archaeological excavations in Poland and abroad and restoration treatments of installations by WojciechFangor and Roman Owidzki, and paintings by Piotr Potworowski. Internship at a branch of the National Museum in Gdańsk (2012). Moderator of panel discussions and presenter at the Foksal Gallery, and Atelier Foksal Foundation, among others. She also works in painting, her paintings are sold at major auction houses in Poland.